Man working on aquarium installation project in La Jolla, CA

We can handle any installation, from concept to realization

Our design team and aquatic technicians work to ensure that each environment is crafted to fit the needs of each species’ specific biological needs. This includes carefully planning each aquarium installation, developing innovative transportation methods, and custom aquatic life support systems.

We will deliver and install complete saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
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Protect your investment and give your freshwater and saltwater friends the love and care they deserve with California Custom Aquariums! Our goal is to create an elite recreational and natural environment for the fish and corals in each ecosystem. Our value and superior quality has helped us become the leader in custom aquarium design nationwide. We have even been featured on such television programs as “Tanked” on The Discovery Channel.

California Custom Aquariums designed, installed, and maintains our office fish tank. The tank always looks amazing and clean. We have a nice variety of tropical fish and being that we’re a pediatric dental office we have a “Nemo & Dori” which are a huge hit. The children watch the fish swim around and they love giving them names. It has become a big attraction here for kids and parents alike. Patients don’t mind waiting in the lobby before their appointment. Most importantly the customer service at CCA is outstanding. The technicians are experts at what they do and always available for questions and assistance with the tank. We couldn’t be more pleased with our wonderful office pets and the company that made it happen. Our fish have a beautiful recreated environment in which they are thriving.

Thank you CCA for all your hard work, dependability, and the exquisite care you provide for our fishies!
Ms. M