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Freshwater Aquarium | CA Custom Aquariums

Freshwater aquariums are incredibly popular fish tank options! At CA Custom Aquariums we offer cold and tropical fish tanks in both glass and acrylic options. With options ranging from five gallons to five hundred gallons, we have a tank that fit most individuals goals. However, if you’re interested in a custom aquarium size to fit a specialized space, our designers can generate a mock up and match your fresh water tank dreams to a reality.

Freshwater aquariums have many benefits for the individual looking for a bang for the buck. One of the most cost efficient aquarium options out there, the long term costs are limited as fish, decorations, materials and filters tend to be cheaper than there saltwater counterparts. Due to the relative ease of a fresh water tank, several teachers and educational institutions choose fresh water aquariums in classrooms and other educational environments.

If you are interested in a custom fish tank for your educational, residential or commercial space then CA Custom Aquariums can set you up quickly! For a free quote for the freshwater aquarium of your dreams please click here.

freshwater aquarium with orange exotic fish



At California Custom Aquariums (CCA) we create unique aquatic environments that inspire, educate, soothe and captivate spectators. We offer services that include design, installation and maintenance to residential and commercial spaces. Our design team continues to push the boundaries in the aquarium industry, and our creativity is limited only by your imagination. If you can dream it, we can build it.