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Glass Fish Tanks

Searching for glass fish tanks San Diego? If so the aquarium experts at CA Custom Aquariums are here to help. We offer several standard sized glass fish tanks on site and can custom build any dimension that you can think of.

Glass material has several benefits and is the “standard” when it comes to fish tanks. Some of the pros of glass aquariums include scratch resistance, ridged panels, resistance to  yellowing and are far less expensive than other tanks with different materials.

Before any type of material is chosen, it is imperative to consider all of the pros and cons of each material. Acrylic Tanks are much lighter and are more malleable, meaning that they can be customized easier. Glass tanks on the other hand weigh more relative to their acrylic counterpart but are also more budget friendly.

For questions regarding glass fish tanks, or to request a quote, please click here. Our aquarium experts can help you out during the search process and give you advice regarding the best type of material for your needs and space!

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