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Outdoor Water Features

Koi ponds and water features are beautiful additions to any open space. Whether commercial or residential the element of water adds tranquility and peacefulness into any space. For hundreds of years koi ponds have been popular across vast regions of Asia and have brought joy to countless owners and spectators alike. Koi ponds tend to be at least one thousand gallons and can be installed with viewing panels to see the activity going on inside!

In the temperate climate of San Diego, koi ponds do great as the climate is generally moderate year round. In warmer temperatures, surrounding vegetation can be implemented into the design of the koi pond to provide shade.

If the desired location of a pond does not have any shade, water lilies and aquatic plants can help add coverage,  and provide oxygen to the koi pond. Koi can also eat aquatic plants, algae and insects but require some shade or net for protection from potential aerial predators.

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