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Pool Panels San Diego

Have you ever been to a pool on the top of a building with a transparent panel that allows you to see what is going on outside or below you? If you answered yes that’s because of a pool panel! Pool panels are great for individuals who want to add a different dimension to their pool. If you have a pool or a hot tub on your roof and you want to see inside of your home, we can add a totally customizable pool panel that allows a path of vision to and from the pool! No pool panel is too small or big and we can make the customized pool of your dream a reality!

Pool panel implementation is great in adding other dimensions into your pool. With the help of CA Custom aquariums, we will take your pool to the next level. Our expert installers add water features to a pool that has backlight illuminations and are able to provide diverse water features and fountains. Simply put, anything you can think of we can handle.

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Quadrangle Pool Panels

We offer four sided acrylic windows that fit perfectly as a sturdy substitute for underwater windows for swimming pools as well as fish tanks. These panels are common in competitive swimming pools as it allows spectators to gain a different vantage point of the event. These acrylic windows act as a pane and are weight supported on every edge. By positioning vertical jambs at 90-degree angles to integrate the compression, style and the face. Dependent on the exact condition and specificities of the job different channels may be required to maximize the efficiency of the application.

Our acrylic pool windows can match any specification large or small. From Olympic sized swimming pools to a pool in your backyard we can give your project that differentiating looks of your dreams. For extremely large jobs, like commercial aquariums, we can extend our acrylic panels to meet the demands of the job.

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At California Custom Aquariums (CCA) we create unique aquatic environments that inspire, educate, soothe and captivate spectators. We offer services that include design, installation and maintenance to residential and commercial spaces. Our design team continues to push the boundaries in the aquarium industry, and our creativity is limited only by your imagination. If you can dream it, we can build it.