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Reef Tank For Your Home & Office

Have you ever gone to an aquarium fish store only to be blown away by an incredibly colorful aquarium? Odds are this colorful tank was a reef tank! Reef tanks are specialized units that require special detail to be paid to the lighting, water movement and water chemistry. These tanks are colorful and incredibly striking in any setting. With recent advancements in LED lighting, these tanks can be controlled and sunrises and sunsets can be simulated within the tank.

At CA Custom Aquariums, we provide all of the legwork and provide either living or artificial coral for the tank. As reef tanks are more intensive than aquariums with only fish, we highly recommend participating in the services of our maintenance packages. Reef tanks, especially smaller tanks, have to be tested regularly to ensure a normal chemical balance is occurring.

Aquarium Fish for Reef Tanks

Since reef tanks have different requirements than other tanks, the animals in these tanks must also be able to live in symbiosis with each other. It is imperative to the health of the fish, and coral, that everything is in a “normal” range. Popular fish chosen for reef tanks include clownfish, tangs and gobies. Cleaner shrimp are also incredibly popular invertebrates in reef tanks.

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