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Welcome to California Custom Aquariums. We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of one of a kind aquatic displays. Our shop is located just minutes east of Qualcomm Stadium in the Grantville neighborhood of San Diego. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are experts in the design, customization and installation of aquariums in both residential and commercial spaces. We handle big, small, and anything in between. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help!

Our services are diverse and cover several sectors of the aquarium industry. We specialize in aquarium design, large tanks for commercial spaces, small tanks for residential spaces, special materials, commercial and residential installation, specialty jobs and maintenance. Our work history includes jobs in Offices, Hospitals, Casinos, Luxury Hotels and residences. At CA Custom Aquariums, we pride ourselves in the work we deliver and the relationships that emerge as a result. Fell free to check out our gallery and contact us for a hassle free quote.

The goal at CA Custom Aquariums is to create a unique individualized experience in any space the client can imagine. The design team and aquatic technicians ensure that each aquarium is perfectly crafted and fits into the specific needs of the space. All biological needs are addressed and our planning includes everything from aquarium installation, transportation custom aquatic life support systems and maintenance.

The standard and quality of our work ensures that our clientele receive an amazing aquatic experience! Some of the services offered are around the clock and emergency service as a maintenance package. Our package provides you with the highest level of care for either your saltwater or freshwater aquarium. With responsible care, reliable maintenance and well time rehabilitation, our technicians will keep your aquariums looking it’s finest. With our flexible schedule we can meet you and tend to your tanks on your schedule!


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Our Services

CA Custom Aquariums has worked on a myriad of private jobs in Southern California. Our work is visible in casinos, million dollar estates and offices across the region. Our offered services are wide ranging as we provide both saltwater and freshwater options. Whether it’s a seventy-five gallon fresh water tank, a koi pond, or a thousand gallon salt-water tank we can deliver and install it. We offer maintenance packages, custom jobs and tank material options and to fit into any clients goals and budget!

custom aquarium installation


At CA Custom Aquarium we work closely with designers, engineers and our installers to create an outstanding fully customized aquatic experience. Our goal is to integrate your aquarium of your dreams into the space of your choosing. If you can imagine it, we can build it!


Our saltwater and freshwater tanks are great options for any individual looking to add a customized touch to their commercial space. Regardless of the industry, aquariums add an unmatched customized piece to any business. If you work in an office with ten people, or a thousand people, aquariums in the work space boost employees morale and seperate your office from the rest.


Our technicians design the residential aquariums around the living and natural space of the area. With the goals of the client at the forefront, we carefully engineer and create a custom experience for your space of choice.



At California Custom Aquariums (CCA) we create unique aquatic environments that inspire, educate, soothe and captivate spectators. We offer services that include design, installation and maintenance to residential and commercial spaces. Our design team continues to push the boundaries in the aquarium industry, and our creativity is limited only by your imagination. If you can dream it, we can build it.