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Protect your fresh and saltwater friends with professional care, and 24-hour emergency repair.

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1. Inquire! We’ll do the planning.

The hardest part is getting started. Let us make that step easy for you! We offer free inquiries, and work hand in hand to make sure that you get the aquarium you’re looking for. We also offer comprehensive payment plans, to make sure that you’re able to enjoy your aquarium to the fullest.

2. Installation

Our design team and aquatic technicians carefully plan each aquarium installation to meet your unique needs. Our experience ensures that each environment is designed for each species’ specific biological needs. This includes developing innovative transportation methods and custom aquatic life support systems.

3. Maintenance & Repair

We provide you with the highest level of professional care for your saltwater and freshwater friends with caring services that continuously provide clean and clear results. Through responsible care and maintenance and rehabilitation, California Custom Aquariums can get your tank looking its finest. We offer on-call around the clock care and emergency service as part of our comprehensive maintenance packages. Our quality of work ensures our clientele a captivating underwater experience while under our care.

4. Enjoy your tailor-made aquarium.

This last step is the one everyone anticipates! California Custom Aquariums makes the entire process simple for you. Our goal is to help you enjoy your aquarium for many years to come. Remember, our only limit is your imagination!

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